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optical fiber termination box

  • FC Fiber Optic Connectors

    Contact NowFC Fiber Optic ConnectorsFC Fiber Optic Connectors FC Fiber Optic Connector is comprised of a Nickel plated Brass body and a Ceramic ferrule/spring/crimp barrel assembly plus a crimp over sleeve and rubber boot. This connector has a screw thread ting into the adaptor to provide a secure connection...

  • SC/APC Singlemode Female-Male Fiber Attenuators

    Contact NowSC/APC Singlemode Female-Male Fiber AttenuatorsSC/APC Singlemode Female-Male Build Out Fiber Attenuators SC/APC Plug in type optical Attenuators SC/APC single mode fiber attenuators are commonly used in fiber optic communications to the the power level of a fiber cable by controlling the amount of signal loss that is...

  • Tri-hole Fiber Optic Stripper

    Contact NowTri-hole Fiber Optic StripperFO 103-T-250-J: "Tri-Hole" Fiber Optic Stripper Model: FO 103-T-250-J Producing Area: Made In the USA Key features: 1.New three-hole model performs all common fiber stripping functions in one compact tool. (1).Standard 250 to 125 micron stripping (2).Remove 900...

  • 1SFP Slot And 1RJ45 Port SFP Fiber Media Converter

    Contact Now1SFP Slot And 1RJ45 Port SFP Fiber Media ConverterSFP Media converter 950SFP series converter is an Ethernet media converter that converts media transmission between UTP Copper cables and fiber SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) transceiver. It is designed to meet the massive needs for Ethernet network deployment and able to...

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