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fiber optic splice joint closure

  • FC-6S Sumitomo Fiber Cleaver

    Contact NowFC-6S Sumitomo Fiber CleaverThe Sumitomo FC-6S high precision cleaver is designed for field use alongside the Sumitomo splicing units. Key Features: Cleave angle<0.5 degree Cleave blade with 12 cleave sport 36,000 fiber blade life High Precision Blade with 12 cleave spots Specifications:

  • CLE-BOX Fiber Optical Cleaner Box

    Contact NowCLE-BOX Fiber Optical Cleaner BoxCLE-BOX Fiber Optic Cleaner Box CLE-BOX is essential accessory to maintain and guarantee good quality of fiber optic connection. It is the best non-alcohol cleaning method for various fiber optic terminations which is simply and swiftly used. Box tape replacement is offered...

  • FO 103-D-250 Fiber Stripper

    Contact NowFO 103-D-250 Fiber StripperModel: FO 103-D-250 Producing Area: Made In the USA Key features: 1. Second hole for stripping 900 micron tight buffer down to 250 micron buffer coating and standard 125 micron fiber stripping (250 micron removal to 125 micron) - allows longer stripping lengths without...

  • Fiber Optic Stripper CFS-2

    Contact NowFiber Optic Stripper CFS-2CFS-2 Fiber Optical Stripper For stripping 250 micron buffer coating to expose 125 micron cladded fiber - Second hole for stripping 2-3mm fiber jackets - 140um diameter hole and V-opening in blade allows removal of 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron fiber - Pre-set at...

  • FO103-S Fiber Optic Stripper

    Contact NowFO103-S Fiber Optic StripperModel: FO 103-S Producing Area: Made In the USA Key features: 1. For stripping 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron optical fiber 2. Precision diameter hole & V-opening in blade allow for accurate buffer coating removal 3. Factory set, requires no adjustment 4....

  • Optical Fiber Curing Oven SP-24D

    Contact NowOptical Fiber Curing Oven SP-24DProduct Description The curing oven use technology using PLD, so it control the The temperature accurately, this curing oven is small size, Easy to carry, quick heating. This type of curing oven is Widely used in the house or field operation like outdoor projects and The...

  • Tri-hole Fiber Optic Stripper

    Contact NowTri-hole Fiber Optic StripperFO 103-T-250-J: "Tri-Hole" Fiber Optic Stripper Model: FO 103-T-250-J Producing Area: Made In the USA Key features: 1.New three-hole model performs all common fiber stripping functions in one compact tool. (1).Standard 250 to 125 micron stripping (2).Remove 900...

  • Optical Fiber Identifier

    Contact NowOptical Fiber IdentifierOptical Fiber Identifier Optical Fiber Identifier can quickly identify the direction of transmitted fiber and display the relative core power without any damages to the bended fiber. When the traffice is present,the intermittently audible tone is activated. optical fiber...

  • FTTH Fiber Optic Drop Cable Jacket Stripper

    Contact NowFTTH Fiber Optic Drop Cable Jacket StripperDescription Universal Stripper for FTTH drop indoor cables Stainless Steel Easy to use Improve cable splicing efficiency Specifications Scope: 3.1 x 2.0 mm Pixian fiber optic cable Fiber diameter: 125um Tight cladding diameter: 250um The number of fiber core: 1-2 Shaver and...

  • FOC Fiber Optical Cleaner Pen

    Contact NowFOC Fiber Optical Cleaner PenFOC Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen is designed to specially work well with female connectors, this instrument cleans the ferrules and faces removing dust ,oil,and other debris without nicking or scratching the end face. Ordering Information: FC/SC/ST Cleaner...

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