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Optical outdoor wall mounted box

  • FOC Fiber Optical Cleaner Pen

    Contact NowFOC Fiber Optical Cleaner PenFOC Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen Fiber Optic Cleaner Pen is designed to specially work well with female connectors, this instrument cleans the ferrules and faces removing dust ,oil,and other debris without nicking or scratching the end face. Ordering Information: FC/SC/ST Cleaner...

  • Fiber Optical Splice Cassette Type H

    Contact NowFiber Optical Splice Cassette Type H12core white splice tray for Fiber ODF or Cross Cabinet Fiber optic splice trays are used as an important accessory for fiber cable management items. Such as fiber optic terminal box, fiber optic splice closure, ftth terminal box, cabinet, etc. Splice tray expands fiber...

  • JW3208 Handhold Optical Power Meters

    Contact NowJW3208 Handhold Optical Power MetersJW3208 Handhold Optical Power Meters Description : JW 3208 Handh o ld Optical Power Meter JW3208 handhold optical power meteris a compact and an easy-to-use testing instrument for optical fiber networks, which can be used for absolute optical power measurements as well as for...

  • AV6471 Fiber Optical Fusion Splice Machine

    Contact NowAV6471 Fiber Optical Fusion Splice MachineAV6471 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer AV6471 is an optical fiber splicing device with a brand new design. With powerful functions and super low splicing loss, it is highly competent for construction of trunk lines and FTTx. Lightweight and compact, it is easy to use even in...

  • F-600 Digital Optical Fusion Splicer

    Contact NowF-600 Digital Optical Fusion SplicerRY-F600 Fusion Splicer Digital fusion splicer with automatic focus function Fiber core can be display clearly Single X or Y view and X & Y view simultaneously. Features : Digital fusion splicer with automatic focus function Fiber core can be display clearly Single X or Y...

  • CLE-BOX Fiber Optical Cleaner Box

    Contact NowCLE-BOX Fiber Optical Cleaner BoxCLE-BOX Fiber Optic Cleaner Box CLE-BOX is essential accessory to maintain and guarantee good quality of fiber optic connection. It is the best non-alcohol cleaning method for various fiber optic terminations which is simply and swiftly used. Box tape replacement is offered...

  • Optical Fiber Curing Oven SP-24D

    Contact NowOptical Fiber Curing Oven SP-24DProduct Description The curing oven use technology using PLD, so it control the The temperature accurately, this curing oven is small size, Easy to carry, quick heating. This type of curing oven is Widely used in the house or field operation like outdoor projects and The...

  • Optical OTDR Launch Cable Box Distance 2km With SC Connector

    Contact NowOptical OTDR Launch Cable Box Distance 2km With SC ConnectorFiber Optic OTDR Lauch Cable Box Singlemode with SC/APC Connector,2km Fiber Optic OTDR Launch Cable Box/Fiber Rings/OTDR Dead Zone Eliminator with Length of 2km Description Designed to aid in the testing of fiber optic cable when using an OTDR.The OTDR Launch Fiber box is...

  • Optical Fiber Identifier

    Contact NowOptical Fiber IdentifierOptical Fiber Identifier Optical Fiber Identifier can quickly identify the direction of transmitted fiber and display the relative core power without any damages to the bended fiber. When the traffice is present,the intermittently audible tone is activated. optical fiber...

  • JW3109 Handheld Optical Light Source

    Contact NowJW3109 Handheld Optical Light SourceDescription : JW3109 Handh o ld Optical Light Source JW3109 optical light source can provide 1 to 4 output wavelengths to meet specific requirements, including the 650nm red source and the 1310/1550nm wavelengths for single mode fiber or the 850/1300nm wavelengths for...

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