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Fiber Terminal Box

  • 2x2 Singlemode Dual Window FBT Coupler With FC/APC Connector ABS Box Type

    Contact Now2x2 Singlemode Dual Window FBT Coupler With FC/APC Connector ABS Box Type2x2 Singlemode Dual window FBT Coupler with FC/APC Connector ABS Box type Brief Introduction Fiber optic coupler, is a device applicated in optical fiber systems with one or more input fibers and one or several output fibers.For the fused optical splitter,It can be divided...

  • GJS-H007 Fiber Optical Waterproof Joint Splice Closure Box

    Contact NowGJS-H007 Fiber Optical Waterproof Joint Splice Closure BoxScope of application This Installation Manual is suit for the Fiber Optic Splice Closure (Hereafter abbreviated as FOSC), as the guidance of proper installation. The scope of application is: aerial, underground, wall-mounting and wall-mounting in duct and handhole. The...

  • 1X16 Fiber PLC Splitter, 1U 19 Rack Mount, SC/APC

    Contact Now1X16 Fiber PLC Splitter, 1U 19 Rack Mount, SC/APC1X16 1U 19 ” Fiber Rack Mounted PLC Splitter Rack PLC splitter consists of the PLC splitters and the enclosure body, it is with standard size and for easy installation, there are many adapters interfaces optional such as SC or FC. The rack PLC splitters suit for the indoor or...

  • GPZ-SP Fiber Patch Panel

    Contact NowGPZ-SP Fiber Patch PanelRack Mounted Fixed Fiber Termination Box Our fixed type Patch panel can be applied in the branch connection of optical fiber termination;19" standard structure,rack mounted;Available for the adapters installation of FC,SC,ST,LC .The patch panel body is made of cold...

  • SC/UPC (male) to FC/UPC (female) Simplex Fiber Hybrid Adapter

    Contact NowSC/UPC (male) to FC/UPC (female) Simplex Fiber Hybrid AdapterSC/UPC (male) to FC/UPC (female) Simplex Fiber Hybrid Adapter

  • GPZ-SP-JCL Fixed Fiber Patch Panel

    Contact NowGPZ-SP-JCL Fixed Fiber Patch PanelGPZ/SP-JCL Fiber Optic Fixed Patch Panel Brief Introduction GPZ/SP-JCL serial dustproof cover optical fiber terminal box can be applied in the storage of indoor optical cable, distribution and terminal connection of various optical fiber system, Available for the rack...

  • 12Core SC/APC Singlemode Fiber Optic Pigtails With Outer Jacket

    Contact Now12Core SC/APC Singlemode Fiber Optic Pigtails With Outer Jacket12Core SC/APCSinglemodeFiber Optic Pigtails with outer Jacket Springoptic manufacture degree flexibility on fiber pigtails,include Single-mode,multimode,and 10G 50/125 OM3 types,simplex fiber,duplex fiber,4 fibers,6 fibers,8 fibers,12 fibers,24 fibers,48 fibers,96 fibers and...

  • Optical Fiber Curing Oven SP-24D

    Contact NowOptical Fiber Curing Oven SP-24DProduct Description The curing oven use technology using PLD, so it control the The temperature accurately, this curing oven is small size, Easy to carry, quick heating. This type of curing oven is Widely used in the house or field operation like outdoor projects and The...

  • 1X8 Bare Fiber PLC Splitter 250um

    Contact Now1X8 Bare Fiber PLC Splitter 250um1x8 Bare Fiber PLC Splitter250um Bare fiber 1inout and 8 output fibers for PON FTTH,50:50 Split,1260~1650nm,no Connectors,250um,fit for fiber splitter distribution box. Bare fiber PLC Splitter is a kind of ODN product suitable for PON network that can be installed in the...

  • 2x32 Fiber Optic PLC Splitter ABS Module 2.0mm

    Contact Now2x32 Fiber Optic PLC Splitter ABS Module 2.0mm2x32 ABS Box type Fiber PLC Splitter We can product 2x32 ABS box type PLC Splitter with connector and without connector. Springoptic offers a variety of ABS box and cassette type splitter modules and products. PLC Splitter Modules are available in the form of either plastic...

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