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  • FDB-0216C Fiber Terminal Box

    Contact NowFDB-0216C Fiber Terminal BoxFDB0216C Fiber Optical Terminal Box Brief Introduction Applicable in FTTH project.Suitable for corridor,basement,room and building's outer walls application, With the function of mechanical splice,fusion splice,light splitting,wiring distributions. Characteristics:...

  • FDB-0216A Fiber Splitter Splice Box waterproof outdoor used

    Contact NowFDB-0216A Fiber Splitter Splice Box waterproof outdoor usedFDB0216A 16 Port wall or poll Mountable fiber termination box Description: Our 16 port wall or pole Mountable fiber termination box is perfect for external walls,corridors,basements,and other places needing FTTH or Network Connections.It is made with a high-quality plastic...

  • FDB-0224 Fiber Splitter Box

    Contact NowFDB-0224 Fiber Splitter BoxD escription: ·24core fiber terminal box ·Fiber optic FTTH terminal box is available for the distribution and terminal connection for various kinds of optical fiber system, especially suitable for network terminal distribution, in which the optical cables, patch cores or...

  • FDB-008 Fiber Termination Box

    Contact NowFDB-008 Fiber Termination Box8 Port terminal box FDB008 Features: It is applicable for wall-mounted indoor or outdoor It is suitable for Max capacity of 8 pieces SC adapters installation and usage; The Max capacity is 12 fibers for fusion of direct fusion; It is allowed to preinstall PLC Optical splitter...

  • FDB-0308 Fiber Terminal Box

    Contact NowFDB-0308 Fiber Terminal BoxFDB0308 fiber Optic terminal box Application: Widely used in FTTH Access network Telecommunication Networks CATV Networks Data Communication Networks Local Areal Networks Features: Construction light weight plastic offers strength and resistance to chemical and U.V attack...

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