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MPO Fiber Optic Solutions

MPO Fiber Optic Solutions MPO is a high-density, space saving optical fiber connection which has been designed to maximise space and provide high bandwidth links. The plug-and-play system is pre-measured and pre-terminated at the factory.  

MPO system solutions allow users to achieve complete end-to-end cabling in keeping with the new standard for data centers. In the IEEE 802.3 standard, 40 Gb/s and 100Gb/s were defined with MPO connector technology. MPO connectors enable parallel transmission, as the multi-gigabit transmission signals are split across parallel fibers and aggregated by the electronic equipment.  MPO cable is connected with MPO couplers, one of the MPO (Multi-Fiber Push On) connectors must have pins, need to be male type. These pins precisely align the mating fibers in the MPO connectors.  

For MPO Solutions there are mainly MPO fiber trunk path cables, MPO harness fiber patch cables,MPO Adapters ,MPO Cassette Box,MPO Patch Panels . Below attached is Three type Polarity of MPO/MTP Cables.

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